How can I make transportation-related suggestions regarding what the county
  should be planning and prioritizing?

Great question! That is exactly what this site is all about. We want to hear what the citizens of Indian River County think. There are several ways to participate in the process:

  What is a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) ?

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) are entities designated by federal law with the lead responsibility for developing the area's transportation plans and coordinating the transportation planning process.  All urban areas over 50,000 in population are required to have an MPO if the agencies spend Federal money on transportation improvements.

  What is a Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) ?

The Long Range Transportation Plan is the federally required long-range (20+ year) strategy and capital improvement program developed to guide the effective investment of public funds in multi-modal transportation facilities for the metropolitan planning organization area. The plan must be updated every five years. The Plan provides the context from which the region's Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), a short-range capital improvement program for implementing highway, transit, and bikeway projects, is drawn.

  What does the LRTP include and not include?

The LRTP includes a study of roadway, bicycle, pedestrian, and transit improvements to be incorporated within the Indian River County for the next 20-25 years. The LRTP does not include concerns such as: Traffic Signal Timing, Parking Regulations, Street Maintenance and Repair, or Parks and Recreational Areas.

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